Mac n cheese

The Mac n Cheese is a series of receivers for full size, 9mm, Mac-11 upper receivers.


Main video with 34k views taken down by YouTube

Download The Latest Version

The first version of the Mac n Cheese brought an AR15 fire control group to a printable M-11 lower receiver that uses a Glock magazine.

With this being my frist firearm design, the next version was fast to come.

The files that put Middleton Made on the map, the Version 1.5 of the Mac n Cheese.

This version had much more reliable geometry and refined aesthetics, making it popular enough to warrant a remix from Rice Cutta named NWA Hidden Gala

Version 2 of the Mac n Cheese is the first Mac-11 receiver to incorporate a last round bolt hold open. That means, when the magazine runs dry, it will hold the bolt to the rear like it does on most modern weapons.

The front section no longer is a single dovetail but rather a split section, allowing one to print the part in a way that distributes the forces of recoil in the trunnion much more efficiently.

Simplifying the parts and making smarter mating surfaces has made it so there’s less hardware required and barely any hardware shown externally.

This is the first design of mine that has incorporated a printed magazine release assembly.

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