About Middleton Made

Ethan Middleton

I’m a father and husband and I have a passion for creating #3d2a designs. I’m of the belief that all are created equal and it’s your individual actions that raise or lower that value. Individual liberty and freedom are core pillars of my decision-making.
From a young age, I was curious about firearms and weapons, skateboarding, and art. As I grew older, I was able to dive even deeper into each aspect and find my niche. A broken nose, wrist, and (fractured) tailbone later, skateboarding dropped from the active list and is now something I only do with my daughter.
I now enjoy spending my free time with my girls, building weapons, or sipping a cold Jameson and Coke.

CAD & Weapon Design

My jump into CAD started when I was low on coin and desperately wanted a riser to slap an RMR on my AR15. A great friend’s advice and hours of YouTube tutorials later, I was designing my own riser. Being able to successfully model something straight from my brain made me think I could not only design my own accessories but maybe even weapons. It wasn’t far after that I designed my first handgun stands and it got wildly out of control from there.

Photo & Video

Photography was always interesting for me since I often saw my aunt with a camera in hand. I would run around with a disposable in hand and eventually even a regular film (SLR) camera on special occasions. I started around the age of 5 and still love capturing moments in time. Managing a DJI store ignited my love for video production and flying drones. Now, I love to do produce photo/video and record events with my homies at Out of Battery Live.