My Public Projects

Where are the Files?


Fighting for our rights in the federal and state level courts for over the last decade has led to some complications with how files can legally be hosted. While DefCAD has checks in place and a fee to access files, it is the only place that hosts, fights on our behalf legally, and pays a portion back to the designers.


This is probably the most popular platform for sharing free files and videos related to #3d2a. Many developers post their works to this site but is largely uncurated and difficult to search.

The future of odysee is uncertain as it’s parent company will no longer be responsible for it.

Buy Me a Coffee

This subscription service is a platform where one can gain access to Alpha / Beta projects as well as early-release files. Access to these files has a monthly charge but all finished files WILL make it to the public and free eventually. This directly supports me and my development process.