Bolt Hold Open Assembly for Mac n Cheese v2 – Printed Aluminum


This printed bolt hold-open is lightweight, durable, and a requirement for the Mac n Cheese V2 to function with a last-round bolt hold-open. The polymer version of this would snap very quickly while the printed aluminum ones haven’t had a failure yet with hundreds of locks. It’s advised to still run the charging handle to release the bolt when a full magazine is replaced, but not absolutely required.

Sanding to smooth the surface that interfaces with the receiver has been done, but additional may be required to ensure a smooth operation.

Note: Printed parts may have irregularities or blemishes in the finish due to the manufacturing process. No returns or refunds are accepted for printed parts. If a part is inoperable, please contact us promptly for resolution.

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  • x1 Printed Bolt Hold Open
  • x1 Bolt Hold Open Spring
  • x1 Bolt Hold Open Pin


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

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