Beer Brat Angled Grip – PLA Plus


The beer brat is a Wisconsin staple at any summer cookout or gathering. Your Beer Brat is now printed and has storage for your favorite fillings, be it cheese, spices, or candy.  These PLA+ prints are limited and won’t be printed for sale again (this is nylon country). These multicolor prints are what’s left over from the IG giveaway. Follow on Instagram for your chance at free gear!

Note: Printed parts may have irregularities or blemishes in the finish due to the manufacturing process. No returns or refunds are accepted for printed parts. If a part is inoperable, please contact us promptly for resolution.

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  • x1 Beer Brat Angled Grip
  • x1 Beer Brat Threaded Cap
  • x1 m4x30mm Screw
  • x1 m4 Nut


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